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Jute tea will only cost one taka

Newsg Reporter 10 March , 2018, 13:23:01

  • Jute tea will only cost one taka

Dhaka: The golden history of golden fiber is just past. World’s best jute was grown in Bangladesh. Once it was the most valuable crop in the world. Though golden era of jute is pasted, the farmers are seeing hope. Government has taken step to bring back the lost glory of the jute.

There is no end to such glorious words from the city's villages, tea shops, footpaths and office-courts of jute. There is no fatigue in the hour-long discussion with the no. But there is no tiredness in the discussion. Then a cup of tea becomes important for the negotiators. Do not be afraid, since discussions about jute; to get the throat of his throat, you can get rid of him. Jute gram made in the home of the country's research - full-sour taste Your cost will be less than one rupee to get rid of this wealth. This is available in the Jute Product Fair this year.

Jute Diversity Promotion Center (JDPP) is organizing the initiative of Jute Products Fair at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center (BCCB) at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center to expand the diversity and market for jute goods in the world market, to bring new traditions of jute back. The fair, which started on Tuesday, will be held on Saturday. In the fair, 120 entrepreneurs are setting up their products. Where 232 different multipurpose gardens are being displayed and sold.

Among the products displayed, the most attracted to the strangers is the tea made from jute leaf. The tea is being sold in two lovely packets. Many of the strangers buy it. Someone is also enjoying the hot tea of ​​Jute Stroller Jute Mills Corporation of Jute Mills Corporation. Free verification is provided for free. If you like it, you can buy 50 packets and 100 packets of small and small packets.

Business Suhag came from the capital Mirpur to the fair. He said, I have come to the fair to visit. I saw many jute products in the fair. Whose mother had seen all before. But never seen jute made tea. I saw it. Auctioned A Cup It is understood that it is made with jute leaves. I heard that it would protect from many diseases of the body. So bought a couple of packets.

Soheli, who came from Uttara in the capital on the stall, said, "Anything that comes first at first, many of them nose snoring. As the new poultry chicken came in the country, many people did not react at the opposite-counter-comment. But now they eat right. Now after the poultry closes, many people will stop eating meat.

He said, again we have been drinking tea now, that is what we ate first; Did not eat Now, as in every house, one of the ingredients for tea applying Similarly, one day the tea made from jute leaves will be loved by everyone. So I bought one packet and bought one. If you're good then buy more later.

General Manager of Bangladesh Jute Mills Corporation SM Rahmatullah said at the stall, "This Jute Tea has been invented by research jointly by Bangladesh and German." We have already received the Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) certificate. It can be found in the market very soon.

We focused primarily on creating environment and health-related products. Considering the health, Jute Tea of ​​Bangladesh is a unique discovery. Considering the environment, the polythene-like jute-packed Palibag caught the eye of the world. These two new crops of Bangladesh's research.

It is learned that the government has taken initiatives to diversify its products to save the golden fiber. Already a factory has been set up to commercially produce 'green tea' of jute leaf. Due to its good quality of herbal taste, there is a demand abroad. In between, 200 kg of jute tea was exported to Germany. More than 3,000 kg of export orders were found. If all is well, tea will be marketed in local market this year.

Bangladesh Jute Research Institute chief scientific officer Dr. Nasimul Gani said that in 1993, they started thinking about it. It has been examined and reviewed for a long time and the quality of the jute leaf and whether it is suitable for drinking as tea. Scientists of the Jute Research Institute have completed the whole process with the help of Dhaka University.

With the description of the process of making tea from the leaves of jute Dr. Nasimul Gani said that before the flowers come, the leaves will be collected from the jute plant. After that, the leaves will be poured dry-shaped powdered in sunlight. Then drink tea with honey or sugar. You can also drink them in addition to these. All herbal properties of jaggery are also made from jute leaves.

Director of Jute Research Institute, Mainul Haque said, Tea made of Tosa jute leaves will be delicious. But this milk cannot be eaten by mixing milk. According to him, it will be an alternative to Green and due to the quality, it is expected to become very popular quickly.

It has been learned that Warkhi has taken initiatives to export and market organic tea made from jute leaf, aqua agro tech. Chairman of the company and BJMC's Advisor HM Ismail Khan said they have given the name Mirakal organic green tea. But the name will be finalized after approval of the application for the patent of the Ministry of Industries. Consumers will spend less than one rupee for tea cups.

HM Ismail Khan also said that the Organic Products Fair was held on 14-17 February in Barey Fair, Nuremberg, Germany. There is an organization named Interrupp that shows the 'Jute Tea' of Bangladesh. This gave good response to the buyers-visitors. Initially, 3,000 kg of tea export orders were found. In the meantime, 200 kgs have been exported till last year. He also said that BJMC has established a factory base in Sarishbari of Jamalpur for the supply of tea in the local market. Based on the collection of leaves this season, we hope that the end of the year will be without jute drink in the market.

Jute tea quality at a glance: Jute tea is effective in preventing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, cholesterol, liver protection and germs. This diabetic patient regulates the growing of blood sugar and reduces the chances of the patient's old age blindness and all other complex diseases. Jute tea contains plenty of antioxidants, which do not allow harmful effects of free radicals in the human body. This reduces the chances of cancer. Besides, this tea is able to prevent liver damage and jaundice due to chemical poisoning. Helps the elderly to prevent old age disease by controlling high blood pressure. Besides, jute tea is also effective in the development of ulcer and skin.


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