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Investors in the street protesting the depression

Newsg Reporter 13 March , 2018, 17:35:00

  • Investors in the street protesting the depression

Dhaka: In protest against the ongoing depression in the capital market, general investors protested against the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) in front of the street.

On Tuesday (March 13th) at around 2pm, the investors of the Bangladesh Capital Market Investor Oikya Parishad banned the human chain.

Investors in the human chain said that Bangladesh Bank and the concerned organizations will have to take steps together to overcome the ongoing liquidity crisis in the market. The Bangladesh Bank has been asked to do so without undue interference in the capital market.

Besides, in 2010, with the demand of bringing accusations and looters in the capital market under the speedy trial.

On the same demand, on Monday, 20-25 investors protested on the street in front of the DSE.

According to the organization's president Mizan-ur-Rashid Chowdhury, nothing has happened to the collapse of the capital market. Artificial effects are being made on the market through playground. Raghav-Boalala involved in 2010. Those whose names came up in the investigation report of Ibrahim Khaled. If they can bring them under the law, everything will be fine.

He said that ICB is inactive on the purchase of shares in the current crisis of the capital market. The matter must be investigated.

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