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There is no excitement in the IPO, silence in the gallery

Rahel Ahmed Shanu 15 March , 2018, 12:07:28

  • There is no excitement in the IPO, silence in the gallery

Dhaka: Once investors were excited about initial public offering (IPO). Once who were .

There were people and people in the gallery. The old man's puffs. There was no outside tilting place. The security guard had to stay alert. In the eyes of the IPO and the people of the company were busy with the legs. The IPO draw is not appearing on the company's IPO, but the gallery is doing it. Outside the house the same numbness.

In the capital's Ramna Engineers of Institution, on Tuesday noon seen on the occasion of Advant's Firmer IPO lottery. The IPO of the capital market made the scene very different from the time of the event.

Not the effect of youth. There is no young investor here. Some people are bored, faded and hopeless. Where there is no touch of innovation, the youth have not come, what's next?

Wari Ahmed, chairman of the company, was present at the drawing ceremony in the lottery. Jawed Yahya, CFO Anwar Hossain, Company Secretary Mohsin Mia. Among others present were Managing Director Imperial Capital Managing Director Salauddin Shikder, Chief Executive of CAPM Advisory Tania Sharmin and Managing Director of Yukas BD Mahbub H Majumder.

It is seen in the ceremony, some investors in the front row of the gallery. And some investors sitting in the back row. The middle part is empty. The IPO organizing committee was sitting on the stage and the senior officials of the company's fixed companies.

The company's authority said that about 38 times the application was submitted compared to the company's demand. Where are those investors when the application is submitted? No, they are not in the festivities of that life. Those providers are the emptiness of them.

Those who once used to breathe the life of the life of the IPR, they did not come by day-to-day air. Those capitalists who, by the time, are mostly separated from the capital market by the time the people are separated. There are no outside people. The land of festivals is very popular today. What is the hope of this capital market? Yet hope will be good in our capital market. Something good will come at one time. Where the embryo is not even today, there will be a life conference?



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