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Bangladesh will get GSP benefits till 2027: Commerce Minister

Newsg Reporter 19 March , 2018, 12:33:32

  • Bangladesh will get GSP benefits till 2027: Commerce Minister

DHAKA: Commerce Minister Tofail Ahmed said Bangladesh is a developing country, but will get GSP benefits until 2027. As a result, Bangladesh will get the benefits for 9 years.

He told these reporters in his Secretariat office on Sunday in response to the start of the journey to the developing country from the LDC list.

He said that the countries which do not give us GSP facilities will have a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) agreement with them. This is why the contact with the respective countries continues.

Tofail Ahmed said, in the next 2024 we will be completely out of the LDC. Even then, the countries that give us GSP (priority market facility) will be able to provide benefits till 2027. Then those countries will give GSP Plus facility. Talks are going on with those countries.

Commerce Minister said, the need for the first time for the development of the country is political stability. It's currently underway. BNP has misunderstood them. So, in the court verdict, despite their leader being in jail, they are keeping peaceful programs. It is a good thing.

He said that the United Nations has announced that Bangladesh will be developing from LDC in such a day on that date the birth anniversary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu.

He also said that the day Bangabandhu was returning home after the liberation of the country, journalists asked at the London airport that, 'Your country is a ruin, how will this country be built?' Bangabandhu replied on the day, 'If there is soil and people of my country, then this one day Bangladesh Sugandha Sufa grain will be golden Bengal. '

Today the UN declaration proves that. Bangladesh has been a gold bangla today.


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