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Global stocks struggle as French elections loom,

abc 26 April , 2017, 16:15:18

  • abc

World stocks eked out small gains on Thursday as investors resisted risky bets ahead of the first round of the French presidential election over the weekend, reports
 Oil prices, which fell sharply on Wednesday on supply news, regained some of their losses.

In general, markets cautiously stuck to well-worn trading ranges buffeted by concern over political risks and continued tensions over North Korea.

Europe’s STOXX 600 rose 0.1 percent bolstered by strong sales reported by consumer sector bellwether Unilever. The FTSE 100 which has slid into negative territory for the year, was little changed.

In Asian hours, Japanese stocks failed to hold on to slim gains and closed flat on the day.

MSCI’s world stock index was up 0.13 percent.

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