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Pass rate is 68.91 percent

Newsg reporter 23 July , 2017, 16:14:55

  • Pass rate is 68.91 percent

Dhaka: HSC and equivalent exam results were published. The pass rate of the whole country is 68.91%. Which is 5.87 percent less than last time.
This year, the total pass has passed 6 lakh 44 thousand 942 candidates. Among the students, GPA-5 received 37,772 students.
Last year, the pass rate was 74 percent to 70 percent, GPA-5 received 58 thousand 276.

Rajshahi Board pass rate is 71.30 percent. 5,294 people got GPA-5 The passing rate in Dinajpur Board is 65.44 percent. 2 987 people got GPA-5 The pass rate of madrasa board is 77.2 percent. 1,815 people got GPA-5 The pass rate of the technical board is 81.33 percent. 2,669 people got GPA-5 Barisal Board pass rate of 70.28 percent. 5,815 people got GPA-5 Sylhet Board pass rate of 72 percent 700 people have got GPA-5. The pass rate of Jessore Board is 70.2 percent. 2,447 people got GPA-5 Barisal's pass rate is 70.28 percent. 815 people got GPA-5 Chittagong Board pass rate of 61.19 percent. 1,1391 got GPA-5 Comilla Board pass rate 49.52 percent 678 people got GPA-5

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