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Arefin supporters are not leaving the administrative responsibility

Newsg reporter 9 September , 2017, 14:31:03

  • Arefin supporters are not leaving the administrative responsibility

After the departure of Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique from the post of Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, a group known as his supporter was relieved of administrative responsibility, but now he has changed his decision.

New Vice-Chancellor Prof. After meeting with Akhtaruzzaman at a meeting on Thursday afternoon, they told to change their position.

Following the meeting, a resident of Jasimuddin Hall, a poet, submitted the resignation letter. Rahmat Ullah said that he (the new VC) urged us to do the work, we congratulated him. Of course we all will support the administration, we will continue the administration, the University of Dhaka will move us further.

After the appointment of Akhteruzzaman as the Vice-Chancellor, the Education Ministry submitted the resignation on Monday after the submission of resignation letter to acting Vice-Chancellor Arefin Siddique, the Acting Proctor Professor Amjad Ali and the 10 provost of the Hall.

Professor Najma Shaheen of Rokeya Hall, Mofizur Rahman of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall, Professor Delwar Hossain of Sergeant Zahurul Haque Hall, Professor Bijoy of Ekattor Hall, Prof. Aftab Uddin, professor of Saifuddin Hall, Prof. Supriya Saha of Shamsunnahar Hall, Prof. AKM Shafiul Alam Bhuiyan, Professor Sabita Rizwana Rahman also had Begum Sufia Kamal Hall.

With acting Proctor Amjad Ali, all of these teachers took part in the meeting with the new Vice Chancellor. Amjad Ali said after the meeting, they will all now work with the new VC.

Rahmat Ullah said that Professor Akhtaruzzaman was questioned about the process of recruiting the Vice-Chancellor but he has no objection. He said, we had no objection to VC Akhtaruzzaman. The President and the Prime Minister will be fair enough, we will respect their decision.

Awami League supporters submitted their resignations to Akhtaruzzaman for the violation of the Teesta Ordinance of the University in the appointment of Vice-Chancellor. Professor Rahmat Ullah, who was appointed by the new Vice-Chancellor, is still in the position, but the Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has been blamed for this.

After serving four and a half years without the election, in the special session of the Senate on August 24, 2013, Professor Arefin Siddique was appointed for the next four years by applying the Vice-Chancellor panel. His expiry ended on August 24th.

Prior to that, a three-member panel was appointed to appoint a vice-chancellor. Apart from the Registrar Graduate delegation, there were objections to the supporters of BNP-backed teachers as well as a group of Awami League teachers.

A writ petition was filed in the High Court, which is still awaiting settlement. It was said before the court order that Arefin Siddique could be the Vice-Chancellor until the writ petition was disposed of.

Meanwhile, Akhtaruzzaman was temporarily appointed as Vice-Chancellor from outside the VC panel. The teachers who are known as Aarefin Siddique's supporters in the panel expressed dissatisfaction over this.

Professor Akhteruzzaman has announced that after taking the charge of VC, everyone will continue.

After the afternoon meeting, he said that this was the first meeting with Proctor and Provost. Provost of all the halls came to the meeting. They will work the way they were working.

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