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DU admission test starts from September 15

Newsg reporter 14 September , 2017, 15:14:49

  • DU admission test starts from September 15

Dhaka: The admission test for the first year honors category of Dhaka University (DU) in the academic year beginning on Friday (September 15). On the first day, 'C' unit test will start. A total of 53 centers outside the DU campus and campus admissions will run till 10-11am.

The centers of Leather Engineering and Technology Institute are: Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Nilkhet High School, Azimpur Government Girls School and College and Agrani School and College. The number of admission holders for 1250 seats in C-unit is 29, 954.

In the same academic year, admission test (general knowledge) will be held in the first year BFA Honors category under 'F' unit of Fine Arts faculty, on September 16, on Saturday. The test will run till 10-11am.

The admission test will be held at 11 centers of the campus with the Faculty of Fine Arts. In this unit, the number of admission applicants for 135 seats is 13 thousand 476.

No electronic device with mobile phone can be taken for the test. This is said in a press release on Wednesday.

Admission test seat-plan can be known from website. News BSS.

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