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Negative Marking in the admission

Newsg reporter 16 September , 2017, 16:40:53

  • Negative Marking in the admission

Dhaka: Begum Rokeya University (BRUR) admission test for the first time from the session of the 2017-18 session will add negative marking. For every wrong answer the thorns will be 0.25 marks. This information was provided through the university's website.

Among the 100 marks of admission test, 80 in the Mcc method and the remaining 20 SSC / equivalent and HSC / equivalent examination results were determined based on the results. The pass number has been reduced by five marks compared to last year.

Besides, the number of seats in this year's admission test has been 1315. This year 85 seats have been increased compared to last year. In the Faculty of Social Sciences 30, 5 in the Business Studies Faculty, 40 in the Faculty of Science, 10 seats in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology.

The admission test date has been announced on 26,27,28,29 and 30 November. All information related to admission can be found at the university's website ( Information Source: University Website

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