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DU admission test, 5 arrested on charges of fraud

Newsg reporter 22 September , 2017, 16:37:44

  • DU admission test, 5 arrested on charges of fraud

Dhaka: Police have arrested Tasen Mia, a fourth year student of International Relations Department, and Shahjahan Ali, a student of Dhaka College's newly-completed high school, on charges of fraud in the DU admission test.

Police have arrested five accused for fraud in the admission test of 'B' unit of Dhaka University (DU) Arts Faculty.

Two people were arrested on Friday morning during the trial. Besides, the police arrested the remaining three in connection with the fraud on Friday night.

Two of them have been identified. They are Shahjahan Ali, fourth year student of Dhaka International Relations Department and the newly completed Higher Secondary Certificate of Dhaka College-Tansen Mia.

It is known that in the Proctor office of the university, DU student Shahjahan was being examined instead of Tansen admitted to the cell of 6054 under the Faculty of Business Faculty of Dhaka. Shahjahan is suspect when entering the examination. Later he was arrested and confirmed. Tansen was captured by him. After the interrogation, they admitted everything. Later, they handed them over to the Shahbagh police station and the Proctor's office.

Earlier, on Thursday night, three people were detained for suspected fraud. The police are interrogating them. But their identity is not yet known.

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