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The star of the world in Durga Puja

  October 3, 2017, 13:54:35

  • The star of the world in Durga Puja

This was the most spectacular ceremony of Durga Puja in Banani Puja Mandap. Biplob Saha and his fashion brand Biswarang and the Gulshan-Banani Bsihsaw Puja Foundation were organized of the stars.

Since the morning there is a crowd of spectators. After the start of the ceremony, model, actress and dancer Nadia Ahmed performed 'Kadmwari' dance drama. In the main idea of ​​Revolutionary Saha and Nadiya in the Writer's Coreyografi, all of them have enjoyed this exposure.

Prior to this, the program started with the introduction of dance drama in the choreography of Shahriar Sohag's 'dance ground'. Later, actress and dancer Bijari Barkatullah performed another dance.

Then models performed at the Exhibitionist Fashion Show in Biswarong. The 30-minute show highlights all the exclusive designs of Biswarang.

The next part was very classic. In the memory of the late heroes Razzak, the popular model and actresses portrayed the characters in the fashion of his 10 heroines. Which gave the program a different flavour.

The popular 'Kancha Kanchi' song sung by Akhi Alamgir and Biplob Saha. Everyone enjoying the performance of these two people.

Besides, Kona, Konnal, Putul, Palash have sung to the audience.

A movie will be released on October 20, 'Gahaner Balchchar'. The film was released by director Badrul Anam Saud and actress Suborna Mustafa on the stage, with the new and top three actors-actors Mun, Tanvir and Nilanjana Nila. Then they performed a song of the movie.

Biplob Saha had already told - 'What is amazing in the film' Bisrjan 'and they did. There are so many prizes and praise. We will honor him by honoring him. '

Biswarang gave the award for best performance in the film 'Bisrjan' and won the award by world actress Jaya Ahsan.

The rain in the darkness of the night fell into the sky of Dhaka This year, the Durga puja of the world ended with the color. Hope to meet again next year ...

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