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I'm hopeful about Dhaka Attack: Mahi

Newsg reporter  October 4, 2017, 14:06:26

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Dipankar Deepan's film 'Dhaka Attack' will be released on October 6. Splass Multimedia, Dhaka Police Family Kalyan Samity Limited and three wheelers jointly produced the film.The film contains various breath-taking operations by Bangladesh Police Force. Mahia Mahi and Arifin Shuvo played two important characters, Mahi talks with Newsg24 about shooting experience and expectations-

A year and half afterof wating, your new picture is coming to the theaters on October 6. What is your expectation?                  My last movie went to the theaters a year and a half ago. The name was Onek Dame Kena. Then I did not take break after the  movie though none of my movie was released. Because after the wedding I'm giving all my time in shooting the film. The picture may be late to release. Now I have worked in many movies. Most of these work is in the end. Hopefully, people from now on will see my movie regularly. And of course, my expectations with 'Dhaka Attack' is much more.

What is the reason for the expecting so much?
There are many reasons. From the creation of the photo to the campaign, everything has been preserved in international standards. The Dhaka attack has not yet come to the theaters but many people can say its name and story. It was possible due to the promotion and image interaction between the team members. It is a mistake not to expect more from this movie. Besides, 'Dhaka Attack' will be the first police action thriller film of  Bangladesh to win the mind of all the audience. Throughout the film, it has taken all-out effort to make the movie enjoyable by  100 percent basic stories, the presence of the highest number of star actors-actresses, unbelievably beautiful songs, huge events and more.

This is the third time in this movie Mahi will be seen as a journalist. How are you feeling?
I feel better than you (journalists). Challenge is a matter. Always try to discover new ones. Earlier, I became a journalist in 'Warning' and 'Desa'. But there was no story of journalism. A journalist's full stranger was shown in 'Dhaka Attack'. The carecter is amazing.

Is there any experience of avoid things in reality, but have taken your own in the film?
It's a very good question. I was afraid of the police since childhood. But shooting for this movie has been quite well known to many of the police. The concept of police administration was completely changed. A lot of unknown information about the police I got to know from this film.

Are there any memorable events in Dhaka Attack shooting that you want to share?
At the time of shooting this photo, we once shot 11,000 feet above sea level. The place is at the foot of the nilachal of Bandarban. There was a need to walk three to four thousand feet to reach there. We did not care about these sufferings, but tried to make things better. In addition, there are many memorable memories in this film.

How did co-star Arifin Shuvo feel while acting in the film?
Shuvo is our Mr. Perfectionist. In this film he has given his best. I am personally a fan of his acting. Shuvo is very well versed in the mind of the co-artist. When the fatigue came while shooting, he used to say something or smile to everyone. This is the happiest part of the team work. In addition, those who have played in the film, such as Syed Hasan Imam, Alamgir, Afzal Hossain, ABM Suman, Naushaba, Shipon have a sincere relationship with everyone.

Tell us about your current schedule.
Now I am working in 'Man Deb Man Nebo' in the film. The film is directed by Robin Khan. Comedy, Action, Romance are all in this movie. The story is female based. The whole story surrounds me. Besides, it has been recently concluded by 'Shahinawaz Shanu' directed by 'poloke Poloke Tomaka chai'. Mostafizur Rahman Manik's 'Jannat' is in it's final phase. Besides, the film 'Mone Rekho' is being done by Kolkata artists Wazed Ali Suman. In partnership with Soham of Calcutta, I am working in the film 'Tui Shudhu Amar'.


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