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Happy Birthday Zahid Hasan

Newsg reporter  October 4, 2017, 14:20:10

  • Zahid Hasan, Photo Collected

Popular actor Zahid Hasan's 51st birthday today. He was born in Bahajgola, Sirajganj, on October 4, 1967, the master craftsman who presented the ordinary character with a simple presentation in the screen. In the 90's, he was involved with the theater for seven years before entering the small screen. After the entry of the small screen, he did not have to sit still. He played in a drama one after another. He became the favorite actor of the audience through "Aj Robibar" play of Humayun Ahmed.

In addition to the drama, he has gained popularity in the film. In particular, Humayun Ahmed directed 'Shraban Megher Din' was one of the most successful films. In the drama and the film, he played different roles. However, along with his other characters, comedy characters are more admirable.

The most famous comedy was the character of a madman called Mafiz in a drama directed by Humayun Ahmed. Besides acting, Zahid Hasan is also involved in the direction. Now it is being promoted as directed in ATN bangla drama called  'Raju 420' Recently,his directing and acting of the 'Vagaband' series will soon start broadcasting in RTV, a series called 'Sentimental Selim', acted and directed by him will soon be aired in  RTV. In addition, his acting is directed by Imran Howladar, a series titled 'Don' and a part of the play titled 'Valobasie Bola' directed by Zahidul Islam is going to start on Maasranga Television.

He does not keep shooting because of his birthday. Today, he will spend time with his family members in Home. He is married to the established model Mou and he has two children. The name of the girl is full of Puspita and the name of the son is Purno. Happy Birthday to Zahid Hasan from Newsg24.

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