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There will be no other band named 'Shironamhin'

Sheikh Monju  October 7, 2017, 17:31:25

  • There will be no other band named \'Shironamhin\'

Last night, Tanzir Tuhin, the country's most popular band named 'shironamhin' said he gave up the band for personal reasons. This morning he talked a lot about the news section of Newsg24. In a very sad voice he says, 'I was sick, for a few days. I came home from the hospital on September 26th. Doctor says take 2/3 weeks to rest. But band members will not let me rest. Because if they do not show, they will not get the money. The show's cost is much larger than the band member. Now, if I rest, I will lose 2/3 shows, many of them will not be available. They did not have to worry about my illness.

They are telling me since October 1 this is not the way. They're getting tired of taking a new vocal. Seeking to do new vocals. To hear their whine, on October 5, the final, I said that they would like to do.

To me, the band is like a family. Now if the show's money gets bigger than a member of a family, then it's a lot better not to be in the band. 'Shironamhin' wants to break the band and there will be no other band in this name. I have accepted that too.

I feel uneasy because of my long-standing relationship with the people, they now prove that my money is actually tied with them. After learning this I felt so much humiliated. If people of that house screamed for so long, if the people of the house become so rudder for money, how will I stay there? That's why I'm Decided to quit and Break the Band. From now on there will be no other band named 'Untitled'.

Newsg24- Is it your sole decision or band?

Tuhin: I am band's founder member and Vocal. All those who have founder members with me, this is a decision. And they are saying in different places that I am unfinished, so they have got new vocals on my permissions. But they did not give me any permissions from me, but I did not tell them.

Zia wants to have another vocal, I will have to share the stage with him when I recover. When the corporate show arrives, they will cover English song - meaning that the money is all about the people, not the people. According to him, now titled 'Untitled' will have a Bangla Medium and English Medium version.

Newsg24- Can you do solo career?

Tuhin: Of course. But I did not do anything for the band so long. Now if the band does not give me that honor, then it is better not to ask for that band.

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