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Shammi Akhter received financial support from the Prime Minister

Newsg reporter  October 21, 2017, 16:12:55

  • Shammi Akhter received financial support from the Prime Minister

The present government is called the culture-friendly government However, not only they are co-oparating with the development of culture but also taking a vital step to save and develop in different culture department. At the same time, an example of the government's help in providing medical assistance to the artisans, including annual financial donations of the destitute cultural workers.

In the continuation of this, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's relief fund has received financial support for medical treatment, while vocal musician Shammi Akhtar has been suffering from cancer. The Bangladesh Music Association Coordination Council appealed to the Prime Minister a month and a half ago to help Shammi Akter.

In response to the petition, the Prime Minister handed over a check of Tk 5 lakhs to Shammi Akhter's medical assistance in the hands of the organization's general secretary Biswajit Roy and Ekushey Paduk winner artist Mahmud Selim.

Recently,she returned home after spending 11 days in hospital. A few days ago, her physical condition deteriorated further.

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