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Pothik, Black and White with 3 Valentine Drama

Newsg Reporter  February 13, 2018, 13:05:06

  • Pothik, Black and White with 3 Valentine Drama

Three special plays will be broadcast on February 14, on the day of Love Day, Pathik and Black and White productions. In the meantime, 'Thou always', 'On your spring day', and 'You can touch'.

Rashid Iqbal and Shahjahan Sourav are jointly composed 'Tommy Owl' drama. Managed by Unique Emon. The drama will be broadcast on Wednesday at 11.30 pm on the Deep TV. In the lead role, Sajal, Naushba, Snigda Momin and others. The story of this drama will begin, with the joy and excitement of the children coming to a special venue on the occasion of Love Day.

The story of the drama 'Your spring day' is about the family of Rebekah. When the parents were killed in a ruthless road accident in Saudi Arabia, Rebecca came to Bangladesh to Khala. Aunt-khalu is quite conservative. These are his past stories. Rebecca never goes out. When the college is leaving the house, looking at the ground, returning home. Friends do not talk to anyone. He fears the outside world he is awesome. Unbeknownst to the real world, Rebecca likes to be aunt. But there is a physical problem with Rebecca staying in the middle. That's how the story will progress. Abu Hayat Mahmud directed the drama in the essay by Jarasis Ahmed. Apurba, Saingda Momin, Sabiha Zaman, Sujat Shimul, Hindol Roy and others. Tomorrow at 9:45 pm the drama will be broadcast on TV.

The drama will be broadcast by 'You Are Stuck' on Channel 8 on Wednesday night at 8pm. Himmel Ashraf directed the play by Masum Shahriar. Performed in main characters, Apurba, Snigda Momin, Monira Mithu, Sanjida Lata, etc.

It will be seen in the story of the drama, in the afternoon of winter, in the afternoon. Leaving the city of Shuvra. Leaving her in this city is the people of her love. At the bottom of the deserted river, Radha is in the middle of the tree, where she meets and meets Arun. Before leaving, two people are still there to meet. For a long, four-year-old dream, one person can spend a time in a remote town. If you want to listen to Joshna Ratar, you can not play the flute on the Shuvra window. Nobody can tell anyone at noon, and now you want to see him out. Their eyes are moistened with love resonance. While leaving, one person talks to each other. Nothing can separate them. That's how the story will progress. Three plays are executive producers Tuhin Barua and Kazi Liton.

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