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New song of Guni Vaijan is coming

Entertainment Reporter  April 1, 2018, 16:56:58

  • New song of Guni Vaijan is coming

Singer Gune Bhajan returning with a new song on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh, coming almost a year later. In addition to giving voice to the song Tomra Aiso Dakhita,' the song itself and the tune by the artist himself.

R.H. Shyamal, has directed this folk song. Artist Guni Bhajan’s album is coming from the country's leading audio-video production company G-Series-Agnivina banner, will be presenting the music series with music videos this week in.

The artist, who was prominent about the new song, said, "The song was originally classified as a tragedy. The horoscope of the posthumous relatives and their last farewell call was written in the obituary. I believe that the audience will get a bit of it. '

He said, "Just finished the new song with music videos. Besides, the work of my second solo album 'Troubleshooter', 'Pillam Na Bhao Bhao Mera Mune' is going on in the lyrical video. It will be released soon on the G-series YouTube channel. I hope this effort will be liked by all. '

Last year, in the year of June, the G-series banner was released by the singer's solo album 'Trouble Troubleshooter'. The album is arranged with 6 songs. Which is quite a response to the audience.

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