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How is the first picture of Rituparna-Arifin Shuvo?

Entertainment Reporter  April 16, 2018, 15:53:08

  • How is the first picture of Rituparna-Arifin Shuvo?

After some days, the actor will be evaluated as successful as actor Alamgir. But in the movie 'A movie story', Rituparna and Arifin Shuvo have already reached the heart of how many visitors have reached their hearts.

The movie was released on April 13 in more than 40 theaters across the country on the occasion of Paola Baishakh. Inside the movie, the story of the human life story of the movie.

Like ordinary people, there is a common story in their life that is mentioned in the film 'A movie story'. In one word, "Story of a movie" is a wonderful story of our ordinary life. In the film story, Rituparna Naikya Poetry, Arifin Shuva Nayak Sajib and Alamgir have starred in the role of film director Akash.

At the show on April 13, Alamgir, Rituparna and Arifin Shuvo enjoyed the film at Bashundhara Cineplex in the afternoon with the audience. At the end of the show, the hall of the hall, surrounded by the three stars, surrounded the three stars and everyone praised the story of the film, songs and the performances of all artists, especially Alamgir, Rituparna and Arifin Shu.

Tariqul Islam from Madaripur talks about the film with Rituparna. Especially appreciated for the extraordinary performance of the season and the end of the break from the later part of the season. Everyone present was fascinated by their performances. Not only that, Alamgir was asked to make more films about the story of such a life. In the same show, the next show is seen in the city's Balaka movies.

Visitors have expressed interest in watching the main movie. From Bashundhara Cineplex, at the end of the show, Rituparna went out of the house crying. The season said, 'Although poetry is a character played by me. But I still could not hold my emotions. I am very grateful to Alamgir's brother, he gave me a wonderful role to play.

I am grateful to the audience of this country that they are still interested in my acting movies. "Arifin Shuvo said," I am always grateful to the audience that they work with enthusiasm because they watch my acted movies. The story of a movie was another challenge for me. I am impressed with the response from the audience. Thanks Alamgir Sir.

Alamgir wrote the story, dialogue and screenplay of 'A movie story'. Runa Laila has been introduced as a musician through this film. Akhi Alamgir gave voice to Gazi Mazharul Anwar's song, Runa Laila tunes. It is worth mentioning that on the day of Rituparna Paola Baishakh, the late hero Mannar's birthday cake was cut to Calcutta.


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