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Sayantika in trouble

Newsg Reporter  April 16, 2018, 15:58:30

  • Sayantika in trouble

I wish the new year's greetings to the celebrities, that's why the actress uploaded the video on Facebook. Congratulations to all the fans. He also said he would wait for their response. The fans have said that they are ready to get new surprises in the new year. However, this video of the heroine was caught by the condemners. The troll rain started instead of the New Year's greetings.

Syantika is victimized due to her appearance. In order to be extra lean, the comment box is filled with one bad comment.

'Dance Bangla Dance' recorded the video and recorded the actress. Were wearing red sleeveless salwar. The video is set in angle, for which the psychic feels a little more corrupt than the other picture or video. When two thorn bones came out, everyone was falling in sight. That's the start of the comment. Sometimes there are two good comments, but the number of condemnation is more than that.

'Eat a little while.' The two bamboo bones are out of the cheek. '

'The girl got dry after not being able to eat. Before he was admitted into the clinic, the carrier made the people psycho. I think psychiatrist is a patient. '

'Cuteness Gone, She Looks Sick.'

In the meantime some of the heroines also wrote as well-wishers, 'You'd love to see before. I wonder if you think that celebrities have become despatate to reduce weight. "

Then there was no end to the commentary about the sexual makeup. Some said, 'Makeup has a limit. It was just like that. What was the need to make the joker?

He might not have thought of a trolling after a little video. However, the heroine has not yet opened up on this issue.

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