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Rikta wants to be regular in Cinema

Entertainment Reporter  April 25, 2018, 17:15:22

  • Rikta wants to be regular in Cinema

Farzana Rikta has worked in three films till then. But he did not get a long time in the film. The actress who wants to go out of that place and work on regular movies, will be the actress.

 In the year 2015, the actress was standing in front of the camera as the daughter of the hero Raj. The hero of the film was the heroine of the Kolkata banarje In the eyes of the hero Raj, Rikta felt like that book, Banerjee. So Razzak gave Ricka an opportunity to work in Bapparaj's 'cartridge' movie.

 That was Rika's first film. Rikta said, "I am so proud that I have stepped into the film by the hero of the hero Raj Sir. He used to love me like a girl. I miss her love for her. It is my great fortune that I love the legendary hero. "

 The film 'Altaabanu', which was released on Friday, is the first movie directed by Arun Choudhury. Rakta has played the role of Banu. National Film Award-winning actress Zakia Bari Mom, starring Banu's elder sister Alta

 The film, Alatabanu, is based on the story of finding big sister Altaar Banu with the disappearance of small sister Banu. Faridur Reza Sagar, Dialogue Arun Chowdhury, and Vrindaban Das-Arun Chowdhury, screenplay by the story.

 Regarding the acting of Banu in the film, Arun Chowdhury said, "Although Ricka has acted in a small role, Rukta has performed well in Khubba. The viewer has been aware of his acting ability as much as he has seen on the screen, and enjoyed watching the audience as long as he was on the screen.

 Rikta said, 'Alatbanu is my third film directed. Tension was working very well. But everyone who watched the movie praised my performance. That's my receipt. I am very grateful to Arun Dada. And I want to be regular in acting as an actress. I want to work with everyone in the film. "

Farzana Rika acted in the movie '71 missions' in the year 2016 under the direction of Taher Shipan. Currently he is performing regularly with Rahmatullah Tuhin's 'Talk of the Town' series, 'Short Wife', 'Kat House' and 'Bachelor.com' series. Jessore's Nazrul Islam and Mahfuza Islam's only son Rika's birthday is January 28.


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