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Varun wondered at the gift of Jon

Entertainment Desk  April 25, 2018, 17:38:28

  • Varun wondered at the gift of Jon

April 24 was the birthday of Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan. Due to the busyness of the work, this special day was not celebrated peacefully. However, this actor, who has been getting well-received on the occasion of social life, has been drunk.

From morning till morning, many Bollywood actors, fans and friends from all over the world greet him. But among these, tweeted actor John Abraham tweeted separately. Varun also had a birthday in 'Dasum' movie shooting. As a result, he shared a picture of that time by sharing it through social media.

Just as soon as the image is uploaded, it becomes viral in the moment. Although the reason for the viral is still the other. Two actors were copies of the film, only one white towel was in the body. In the post John wrote, 'Happy Birthday Varun. I'm one of the few people who saw you on such a birthday day in Dres. Be very well. '

Now you can understand why the viral has been posted. Naturally happy to see the image of Birthday Boy And thanked the actor along with 'Dishoom '.

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