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Son Doong cave for the taste of adventure

Newsg reporter August 4, 2017, 15:31:36

  • Son Doong cave for the taste of adventure

Dhaka: The location of the cave is in Vietnam. It is the largest natural cave in the world. About 9 kilometers long, 150 meters high and 200 meters wide. It is estimated that about five million years old, the cave was created due to erosion in the hills. There is still a river flowing through the cave. There is a lot of tunnels in the cave due to erosion of rock in the water stream.

The cave consists of limestone. A lot of lime bars have been created from the roof to the point of water. These LEDs are more than 70 meters high. Apart from breaking the parts of the cave, there is a growing variety of plants due to the sun's light entering it. There are numerous animals that survive the plant. These animals include birds, bats, monkeys, and other vertebrates-invertebrates.

That is why the 'Hang Sơn Đoòng' cave is a unique ecosystem. Initially, in 1991, a local cave named Ho Khanh was discovered. After adequate investigation, the cave experts published the world's largest cave in 2009. Since 2013, the cave has been opened to visitors.

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