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The blue of paradise, like the water to the mind of the sky

Newsg reporter August 6, 2017, 15:03:12

  • The blue of paradise, like the water to the mind of the sky

Exactly like the sky, the picture of the ocean of dense blue is seen in childhood. That's the calendar hanging on the wall. To be a great writer, I have read about the beauty of the ocean. One time we got involved with the sea for a long time. That's in our country. First Patenga, then Parki, Kuakata or Cox's Bazar. But the dense blue water seen in the picture is not available. Apart from Meladin, thick blue found in the river Naf.

Going to St. Martin, the dense blue teaches new characters of fascination in front of the eyes. Still, that picture of a small wooden house on the dense blue water seen in childhood could not be found. One day I went looking for the picture in India. I did not get it, I did not get it Puri or Chilka feel like we are beautiful in St. Martin. I also went to Chandraggaa and Srikakulam. Still not satisfied. The picture that you have come to YouTube in the long-term search. Where? Caribbean region. It is far away. Emotional reins have to be dragged.

Life continues to be known in the train's room or on the rooftops and hanging doors of unfamiliar local buses. Talking about these frustrations with one another. He said whyt go to the Caribbean. There is such a place near the house. Rather than the picture it is better than that place. Sit down Where? Paradise Island in the Maldives. How to go? He said, all the arrangements would be done. Then why are you waiting? There is no visa to go to the Maldives. This information began to fly with more speed. The confirmation of the ticket is now done. Took leave off from office also.

The name of the aircraft is Mihin Lanka. Fly from Dhaka. Break in Colombo in the middle. Then they fly again. Fly through the Indian Ocean and go to the end of the Malay airport.

With whom I'm going or who is taking me, he has had a great experience of traveling abroad, I have just followed him. So, the desired day comes in May of this year. Sitting on Mihin Lanka The destination is the small blue island of the Indian Ocean Paradise Island. The break in Colombo was for a short time. Then the start of that extravagant beauty. Mihin Lanka's little window then was my bird's eyes.Cloud and the clouds just as far as the eyes go. As if I'm in a white land. Before reaching the distance, the Indian Ocean in front of the eyes. In a concrete blue canvas, somewhere in the shade of green. It is the same area that is sure to be closer to it. I will go into the picture of the sea seen in my childhood, soon after I understand.

The blue kingdom of the sea is on both sides. The presence of a little bit of soil in her chest. That's the airport. Right to the left sea This middle ground is really amazing. Recall Beach inn Motel's car was already kept in booking. When they are taking us to that car, a ghostly environment There is no car in the deserted street on the side of the sea. There is no man. The ocean of the evening in the window. We are going to the airport in Halhumalay When the beach reaches the beach in the Ripple Beach, then the sky is shining in the sky. The sea then girly silver color. Hulhumalale is something like our Cox's Bazar. But the solitude is more. There are people who do not have it. There may be many people, but no one is shouting, no matter how many tourists walk through a narrow narrow road.

The people who are walking in the team, they also talk whispered. The sea body is not written, which is the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. But we can write differently about the difference. We are desperate to make our unmatched beautiful St. Martin's dirt arrogant, screaming and screaming the environment. But in Hulhumale, the party on the beach, who is cutting the sartarah, keeps the excitement of his own near him. In the context of which, we left the Neighbor bus in the morning the next morning. From where to take a small boat to Malay City Journey from Hulhumal to Maal City on the sea by twenty-five minutes We ran on a rope to bend over the waves. Then the emotion is bound to be there. It is a difficult thing to remain normal in the dark blue belt in front of the eyes. On the go, there are numerous small green islands in sight.

It is more enjoyable to tune into the eyes of the green ocean on the chest of the fragmented green island. Twenty-five minutes went in full bliss. After we landed in Male City, we got busy in shopping. Bangladeshi salesmen of every store. How Much? One laughs to say that he smiles - in Bengali he said. We are ours Take whatever you want. For every foreigner, you will have one hundred. Neena took as much as possible. Then it was noon. Buffet lunch Buffaloes lunch at hundred rupees. Great food chef. At the end of the banquet we returned again in the hall. The next morning the journey started in the way of heaven. We're going to Paradise Island. Twenty minutes after the speedboat speedboat we arrived at Paradise Island Resort and Spa.

The picture that was seen in the calendar as a child fell faded. On the other side of the sea, filled with green water, deep blue This is possible! Understand the place made with the different care of God! The sea is ever so green? Is divided into water again so blue? The color splitting in one place really raises a different kind of shaking. House allocated for us 163 Home? It is a matter of surprise. Extensive costly place here. 163 written at the door of the house. In the seafront of the sea. These small rooms are separate from blue water. Our 163 is a part of Heaven.

In the early morning, sitting on a wooden bench in front of the Hulhangu Bar in the sun, eating seafood, eating lunch at the gardenie restaurant, settling on the green grass in the adjacent bed, removing fatigue, conversing with the Macao bird from an ancient tree on the head, just before going to the evening, depressed in the sand Walking on foot, festive rides on the banks of the night, festivals with fishes, more Just as the night grew, there was no ruckus in the nature, there was no racket, the solitude of what Paradise Island meant only for life.

The time was cut in a strange horror. That story is too big In the story there are silver moon in the sky, surrounded by green water, there is wind, there are songs, there are songs, there are poems, there are beautiful descriptions of the world's most beautiful beach. He kept up the story. Any other day. At present, you can get out of time if you have money and time. Heaven is not far away from here.

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