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Fine on oyster picking in the beach!

Newsg reporter August 25, 2017, 17:22:38

  • Fine on oyster picking in the beach!

Dhaka: If any sand, gravel stone or clove cudge from the beach, its punishment is bound. Such a new law has been introduced in the Mediterranean island of Sardinia.

This law has been effective from 1st August. Then four tourists were fined 1 thousand euros for culprits of sand and junkies. After the capture of the X-machine in the Sardarian capital of Cagliari Elmas Airport, the tourists were detained.

Though the law was considered to be strict, residents of the island had long sought the protection of their natural resources. In the summer of 2015, a total of five tons of sand was seized at Elmas Airport in the three months of the summer season. This sand was collected from different beaches.

Customs officials say tourists are taking yellow sand from Marie Ermi Beach, from Quartz Bali, Kala Luna to White Sand and Pisinas Beach.

Earlier in 1994, the situation was so critical that the famous pink beach of Sardinian Budelie Island was declared closed for the protection of beach sewers, skylines, snails, sand etc.

The Sardinian protesters said that taking a little sand filled with small bottles could not be a big problem. But if millions of tourists do this work every year, then what will be the beach?

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