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The birth of rare white koala in Australia

Newsg reporter August 25, 2017, 17:40:33

  • The birth of rare white koala in Australia

Dhaka: Wild animal of Australia, Koala. It looks like a bear, but its features are like kangaroos. It's a crab-like grasshopper. This animal keeps its baby in the body for a specific time after birth. Koala's baby is called Joey. Recently in Queensland State of Australia, a rare white Koala was born in the zoo. News BBC

It is rare to be born, because its hair is white. This type of koala is not usually seen. Because of the sharp knife of the koala, they can sprout beautifully.

Animal husbandry and zoo authorities have expressed excitement in it. Tourism Australia authorities are now looking for a suitable name for this. The baby is born in a message on her Facebook account after tourism Australia said, welcome the little baby to the world. You're an exception, so we love you. Besides, the authorities have called the beautiful name for the child's koalaati.

The zoo's caretaker said, the child is not suffering from white dandruff. Naturally, it was born with white hair. He said that 12 kuala in his zoo was born this season. This is the exception.
In this incident, the animal lovers express widespread social media.

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