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'Swatch of no Ground' Bottomless State of the Bay of Bengal

Newsg reporter August 29, 2017, 18:27:42

  • \\\'Swatch of no Ground\\\' is the underlying state of the Bay of Bengal

Dhaka: Bangladesh has won the sea victory in a suit filed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, its amount is more than one lakh kilometers, which is equal to another Bangladesh. As he has been searching for the first time in Swach in the Bay of Bengal. The present government is working under the SDG not only on the surface of the sea, but also on the life of the sea.

Beginning from where the Sundarbans ends in the south of Bangladesh, starting from the voyage Another 185 kilometers south of the trip, the vast kingdom of blue waterside, which is called Swatch of No Ground, That is, there is no floor. The reserve area 'Swatch of no Ground' or SONG, which is comprised of one 73,700 hectares of the Bay of Bengal, is one of the 11 deepest canyons in the world, which was built 1,25,000 years ago.

Scientists think that this is a marine sanctuary. Swach of no Ground was named because the depth of the water increased suddenly, from where the region started. So the British thought that there was no floor in this sea. Locals say 'no left' to Swach of No Ground. Because they do not calculate feet or meters in the sea left, ten left, twenty left, and there is no place left, that means there is no account of this place, like Mariana Trench. In Bengal it is unrivaled.

As a fisherman in the Bay of Bengal, long-known swatch of no grounds, along with fish, there are also large amounts of whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles and rare of water species. The vast area of ​​approximately one and a half thousand square miles is a special breeding center for rare biodiversity, which can become important for the proposed Blue Economy. Researchers have recently given information that they are investigating the situation in the area.

And there is a mystery behind its naming, without getting any aim of a British warship sinking at the end of the eighteenth century, it was named Swach of no Ground, which briefly gave researchers a beautiful name-Song. There are many marine animals, including whales, dolphins, the largest Irrawaddy dolphins, the Indo-Pacific Dolphins and the Fennel Implease Dolphin. It is the only swatch in the world, where these three marine mammals can be seen together.

The long valley of 1,777 sq km area goes forward in the southern direction of the Sundarbans. It is the main breeding ground for whales, dolphins, sharks and turtles.

In the last week of March, 13 navigators, researchers and scuba divers have exploded in the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, looking for biodiversity. Under the leadership of Isabella Foundation and Navy ships help the Karatoa. The operation was named after the sea and in search of life. Director General of the Prime Minister's Office (Administration) and Isabella Foundation Chairman Kabir Bin Anwar, the leader of the campaign At that time, the Haemorrhagic shark and four species of dolphins have been identified. The fishing trawler has seen up to see what kind of fish is being catched.

Isabella Foundation will start a comprehensive study of all government agencies. Navigation mapping has been used in this year's tour. It will also search for seismic surveys and exploration of mineral resources including oil and gas. However, it will also work on what to do to save Swach. Now the areas of natural resources are not only declared reserved zones, but also the importance of conservation is being seen. And it is considered necessary to find out the possibilities of Blue Economy and to find out where it is and where to find it. For this purpose, the work of recording fish and aquatic animals, birds and birds in the sea will be started.

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