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Come visit Mohammadi Gardens

Newsg reporter September 11, 2017, 16:57:25

  • Come visit Mohammadi Gardens

Dhaka: There is a beautiful entertainment center next to the capital, which is never understood unless seen. The garden is situated in the Mahishashi area of ​​Dhamrai near Dhaka-Aricha highway. So if you have time you can visit on any holiday day.

Here the entry price is 30 taka. It has been set 20 for the children. Many companies have booked it for picnics .

From Gabtoli bus stand in Dhaka, a passenger bus from Manikganj-Arichagam on the Kalmapur bus stand of Dhamrai. Then on the road connecting the Saturia-Baliyar bus and on the Mahijashi market. If you walk for 2 minutes on the north side of the market you will reach Mohammadi Garden.

Theres a pond within the garden for entertainment. Boats, wooden swans, soil swabs are roaming in the pond. Three-storied house is swinging on the water. And the park in the middle. There are natural red flower flowers and beautiful bridges. The flower garden and various species of fruit trees are on the edge of the pond. There are Ananda Niketan, Ananda Bhawan, Chair-Tables sitting under the big trees for enjoyment. Children have trains, slippers, nagradola, swimming pools, swing etc. There are also mini zoos to see. There are deer, rabbit, pigeon, monkeys, foreign dogs, and other species of animals.

There is a toilet, bathroom and car parking system. There are also AC and non AC rooms, electricity and generators for comfort.

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