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The success of the syndicate is failure, good and bad

Newsg reporter September 26, 2017, 16:57:39

  • The success of the syndicate is failure, good and bad

In many respects, from society to society, in the state, or in the international arena, we see group people, joint action. Not only that the subsections of that are considered positive, there are many harmful aspects too. This group is known to be the syndicate.

We started seeing the syndicate scene from the world. It is seen that in a family, six brothers and sisters. At one time, everyone had a different family. But there is a lot of things left out of the area of ​​sensitivity that goes under the syndicate. The father took two sisters, took the mother to the other three brothers. In the midst of these three brothers, the ruthless game of the dividation. Again, it is seen that the counsel for single sister alone is also a separate counseling room. It is a good decision to be jointly organized, but if the conflict increases, it is very sad.

One of the most prominent places in the syndicate is to see the traders in the society. The role of those jointed merchants can not escape our eyes to raise prices of some essential things during the fasting day. They are vigorous in their life, but your people are in extreme trouble before the preparation. The most negative impact of the Syndicate is the fact that the businessmen are aware of the issue.

Syndicate practice in transport is a few steps ahead. From the rickshaw puller to the bus. During the office hours or at the end of the office, rickshaw or autorickshaw drivers became more vulnerable to paying their rent in the city streets. They themselves are allocated themselves, increasing the fixed fares without taking any action from the law. The passengers do not have to do anything, they must agree to the rent. It's awful at the bus stops. This horrific scene on Eid or other holidays is unimaginable. The rent that is fixed by the government, the Transport Owners Association or the workers' association, not by the credit of them, but demanding 50 taka in the road of 15 taka. The passengers do not have to do anything. All those who have to comply with them have to accept.

The syndicate is very much seen in the political scene. The magazine column was falsified, the talk of the talk became overwhelming, the t-stalls, the crowd gathered in the discussion. The president of any party has a syndicate, the syndicate of the general secretary is another. There is no difference between the syndicate and the horrific conflict. In these internal conflicts of syndicates there are many expected incidents.

Syndicate tradition in Showbiz is deadly. Where new talent can emerge easily, the syndicate has blocked its path. Even though many people have told merit, they are unable to keep in the syndicate's own philosophy.
Who will play the character, who will sing in the film, all of which are to be crossed by the syndicate. As a result, this genius is considered to be a crisis because of the real talent.

The impact of the syndicate on social media is fierce day by day. You share it with me, I'll give it to you. I do not like him, you do not share anything with him. I commented like you, you did us. Many people like this like comment and shares. As a result, the unlimited writing, the non-violent songs, the non-drama, or everything else is going beyond the expanses. On the other hand, the syndicate is not able to adapt to a lot of things going from behind.

The Syndicate system has a positive side of course, but it is a bad thing. If there is any comparison for any beauty, then there is no comparison. But if the syndicate gets trapped in the net, it is really sad.

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