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Who is responsible for this shame?

Newsg reporter 3 August , 2017, 15:40:04

  • Who is responsible for this shame?

Brother, what are you doing? Where to put this shame! After the rape, attempt to murder the character and at the end of the trial, the condemnation of the victim and her mother's head in the name of justice has been condemned across the country. And the people of our country are facing hatred and arrogance. Can we avoid this shameful liability?

The accused Tufan Sarkar and the women commissioner of the reserve Bogra municipality, Marzia Akhter Rumi, from where the courage to be so desperate, who helped them with the shelter, helped to raise the horrific incident of today, Through the media and social gathering already know what happened in Bogra.

From different media, it is known that on July 17, Turfan Sarkar gave the call to the girl by calling on the help of college admission. Turfan asked her to go home with her papers, but she refused to go home. After that, the Turfan Sarkar sent a private car through his associates and took the girl to her home. Tufan's wife was not at home at this time. She raped the girl. The girl got sick of this. Meanwhile, Tufan asked his cadre Atiqur Rahman to buy the medicine. Atiqur bought drugs from the local shop and handed him home. The girl was threatened to not uncover the rape.

Her wife Asha, wife's sister councilor Rumki, involved in the rape of the girl and the victimization of the mother and daughter in the name of the arbitrator, Rumi Those who helped the Tufan Sarkar to be barbarous as the dark era? Their responsibility is not less!

Even if their judgment is not guaranteed, the responsibility of society and family will not be reduced. And then this responsibility will be a threat to the healthy environment of living in our society.

After the justice of the Tufan Sarkar is confirmed, what is the guarantee that the Turfan Sarkar will not be violent? It is doubtful!
However, the student was arrested soon after receiving a complaint of rape and torture. Now it is necessary to punish the highest punishment, so that nobody can dare to do terrible things like Tufan. But will it also be our impunity?
If these Tufan Sarkars are not being suppressed then what could be our future? They can not be sheltered from their family, community or political parties or organizations. Because these Tufan Sarkars have enough shelter and support to become the "Sarkar" of crime world.

Not only the Tufan Sarkar, but also the collaborators of the crime will be brought to justice. The highest punishment is to ensure that no one else supports such barbarous activities. That's why the liability will return!

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