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Take care friend

Newsg reporter 6 August , 2017, 14:23:26

  • Take care friend

The sunset and sunshine has appeared to us today with the new message. Today the sun has started to call on friendship with brotherhood and harmony. He will illuminate the sunlight today and the colors of love. Today is World Friendship Day.

The "friend" is mixed in the small words so that all dependents of the world. Friendship means the greenest relationship of life. Friends means a soul in two bodies. To say more easily, the friend who lives near the soul, the friend who lives near.

The real friend is the one who is equal to the other friend's sadness, sharing happiness equally. Friendship can not be measured on the basis of any formula. Words that can not be said to elders or parents. Those words we open our hearts to our friend.

Good-looking, bad-looking, happiness and sorrow can be said to the friend without fear. There is no interest in friendship bonding. The older the friendship, the stronger it gets. People find friends when they need life. Well, the importance of all the friends is not equal. Though there are many different opinions about true friendship, life is impossible except for a close friend.

Friendship Day is being celebrated every year in Bangladesh, 'Friendship Day' is being celebrated worldwide. Happy Friendship Day to all. People are habitually chatting and friends dear. There may be few people in the world who do not like chat.We are forgetting the golden watches of friendship in the working days.

When we went to school after childhood, we spent time together with friends in the village, and then came in the hiding, Kanamachi and Golachuth. In college life, campus or corridors every day have turned to the different quality.

Real friends are losing their lives in modern times. Friendships are now stuck in some apps On this friendship day, friends growing up in the game of childhood remembering their hearts. Who is today in search of work for livelihood? I lost many of my childhood friends. Maybe they are good. I have lost my adolescence to many friends. Huff does not talk with many. The relationship is becoming gray day after day. Today, I took the responsibility of coloring a new friendship with my huffs on the shoulder.

Friends Day is celebrated every 1st Sunday on August worldwide. In the year 1935, the practice of celebration of the day was introduced in the United States. According to history, in 1935, the United States government killed a person. The day was the first Saturday of August. On the next day in protest of the murder, a friend of that person committed suicide. At that time, the matter created a huge stir.

Since then, the American Congress has announced the International Friendship Day on 1st Sunday in August 1935 to honor friendships and respect for them in various aspects of life. Since then, the first Sunday of August is being celebrated as Friendship Day. The Friendship Day is becoming more popular day by day.

Author: President-National Friendship Society.

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