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Bangladesh wes saved from another bloody August

Newsg reporter 16 August , 2017, 16:27:33

  • Bangladesh wes saved from another bloody August

Dhaka: With the help of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, when Bangladesh has raised its head high in the world, the anti-national forces have begun to plot another 15 August. Their plot was not successful due to the operation of the law-enforcing agencies of the country. New JMB member militant Saiful Islam, who was in the Panthapath Hotel Olio International, was very close to the residence of Father of the nation located in Dhanmondi, capital Dhaka. The aim of the militant group was to kill hundreds of people by launching suicide bomb attacks on the procession, which was held on August 15 in Dhanmondi.

Counter Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit members prepare for 'Operation August Bites' after the militant outfit's location was revealed. They repeatedly called him to surrender. But militant Saiful did not respond. When Swat prepares for the campaign, militant Saiful himself came out with a suicide vest. The militant was killed in the blast.
The deceased was identified as Saiful, of Khulna's Dumuria. His father's name was Abul Khair Molla. He is the Imam of the Hat Masjid in the village of Noakati and is the treasurer of the local union Jamaat. Saiful's mother is speechless. Saiful is the eldest of Abul Khayer's son and two daughters. Saiful passed madrasa in Paikgacha. He was a fourth year student of political science at BL College in Khulna. In Dhaka, he was in a mess for study.

August month really frightens the mind. Because, this August, the Father of the Nation was killed, August 21 grenade attack, and a series bomb attack on August 17.

Our gold Bangladesh was saved from a bloody August in this journey.

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