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World Photography Day and Photography in Bangladesh

Newsg reporter 19 August , 2017, 15:37:49

  • The Worlds first picture - Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (France, 1827)

"Everyone takes photos but not everyone is photographer". In the digital era, millions of people take billions of pictures every second. In the modern era, a 16-year-old girl standing in front of the mirror taking snaps is also photography, and the picture of Pavel Rahman's Noor Hossain's revolutionary picture titled 'Gonotronto Mukti Pak' is also Photography. Today the society has faced such a time when DSLR is itself a photographer, anyone with a DSLR can create photography pages on Facebook. But through photography, those who highlight Bangladesh in the outskirts, brought in honor and fame. The ordinary people have little to no knowlege about them. So, before starting photography, you should know about the glorious history of photography in Bangladesh. Everyone should know the persons, for they have established photography as a prestigious and artistic industry in Bangladesh today.

Photography is one of the many ways in which the world's civilization is excellence. In the history of photography, the French inventor 'Joseph Nicéphore Niépce' is a brilliant star. Because he is called the father of photography. He took the first picture in 1827. He was a French retired army officer. Although he could not see the establishment of the photography industry in his lifetime. But the world will remember him for ages.

Later, many photographers stunned the world with their own photographs and their works are discussed even to this day. Notable among them - Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, Sebastião Salgado, Raghu Rai, Kevin Carter, Malcolm Browne, Nick Knight, Alberto Korda and many others.

Since 1839, The whole world is celebrating the nineteenth day of August as a day of photography. To remember the release of Daguerreotype, every year on this day World Photography Day in celebrated. Also, the day is celebrated to give respect to the people who have been relentless in the development of photography from the beginning to the present day.

On the occasion of the World Photography Day, on 19th August, several photography community of Bangladesh is organizing procession, and discussion program. Documentary is displayed on the evolution of photography and its future.

Photograph - Alokchitracharjo Manzoor Alam Beg


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