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Lars traveled to 100 countries in bicycle

Newsg reporter 17 August , 2017, 15:24:16

  • Lars traveled to 100 countries in bicycle

Dhaka: Lars Brenton has recently crossed the Angola territories. He came from Sweden. The tourists completed the 100th country trip through Angola. He just rode on a bicycle. This person can easily become inspirational for any traveler in the world.

So let's know his story today. People who are crazy for travel, but take care of many problems, one bicycle is enough to provide untold courage on their chests.

From 2004, the time has passed since this year, more than 1,550km was crossed by bicycle. Now it's planned that the bicycle will rest for a while. Instead of riding on the Indonesian islands, he'll walk on foot.

It is difficult to highlight his travels. But find out some wonderful information about this wonderful travelogue. He traveled the whole journey on bicycle. However, it was not possible to take it in some places.

1. The longest way in the distance of bicycles is 255 kilometers, Australia.

2. It has reached 5090 meters high in Peru.

3. Argentina has bonete cikote 6759 meters, but without a bike.

4. In the Altoon Shan region of China, he did not meet any other village for 39 days.

5. He has taken the most food bicycling in China. Weighing 34 kg

6. In Argentina, the water is to be filled up to 16 liters.

7. The border between Iran and Pakistan was hot, the temperature was 50 degrees Celsius.

8. West Turkey in the middle of winter, the temperature was minus 5 degrees Celsius.

9. Ethiopia faced the most difficult environment

10. From Latvia to Senegal, the maximum reached 11050 kilometers.

11. Battang Valley of Tajikistan gave the worst river crossing experience.

12. Tanzania, he became the victim of the most fierce attack.

13. It's hard to talk about the most beautiful country. But probably Namibia.

14. All the nasty drivers in the streets of Georgia are seen in the match.

15. The wheel was in the best condition in Paraguay's Gran Servo street.

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