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Visit Bhutan, the land of natural beauty

Newsg reporter 26 September , 2017, 17:09:23

  • Visit Bhutan, the land of natural beauty

Dhaka: Bhutan means Buddhist monastery and Gompa. There are many Buddhist gompas and rusts all over the country. There are also natural natural scenes of beauty. The whole country is surrounded by mountains. The beautiful Chu river surrounds the walls like a belt, this beautiful country is surrounded. Chu river will never catch off at any distance or near the vicinity of the journey.

At the Kanchenjunga Express, go to Auto or Car in Bhutan's entrance from Jaigaon and get on the bus or bus from Thanhus. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. Take a look at the Buddhist Gompa in five kilometers to enter the footselling. May be a beautiful, quiet, pleasant atmosphere to be witness to this place. The distance from Finuscelling to Thimpu is 272 kilometers, six hours' journey.

Take a look at this beautiful city, Thimphu, on the lap of the mountains, Naranjin Lime, TV Tower View Point, Zoo, Thimpu Gompha, Handicraft Center and Simtokha Jang. If you reach this sun before the sunset, then you can hear the assemblies of lambas and dravadas and book texts and the grave words of different musical instruments. The memories of this event on the deserted mountains are immortalized in the mantra of mind. Outside the rocks, Buddhist Lamars serve hot tea and biscuits.

In lonely hills, cold tea can also be found to taste the taste of the nectar. There is also the Memorial Choratain in the city, it is the memorial of the King Jigme Dorje Wangchu. On the river side there is the main Jong Tashi Cho Jung, in contrast to the SAARC Building. Then go to the newly built Buddhist temple. Here is the largest Buddha statue in the world, this image can be seen on the Thimphu itinerary.

Let's go from Thimpu. It takes about three hours to go about 86 km. This passage includes Dokula Pass. There are over 100 chorots and Buddhist monuments on this pass. Various frosts are visible from the highest place of this pass. If you have sunny sunglasses, it is clear that horns are visible. It is a matter of luck to enjoy the scenic natural beauty standing outside this Buddhist temple.

It takes two and a half hours to reach Punakha. Pankha's main note is the introduction of rust. Bhutan is one of the most sacred rocks. The fuchs and the muuchi rivers are flanked by Jang. She's a wonderful scene. The small valley of the apparent solitary fauna of Punakha. See also here is the Namgyal Chorten in Ganj. Wang de Fotherong Jong from the beginning. It is also quite ancient rust This rum can also be visited from Thimphu all day long.

Let's go from Thimpu to the Valley. The journey is 51 kilometers, time is half an hour. Paro airport will be seen on the way. This architecture is painted on the cross. The mountain view is located on the City View Point, surrounded by Riverside hills, the main Jung-Ringong Jung is in this valley. The style of this jang is amazing. Jang's wall paintings and inner Buddhist monks are well-groomed. From the back of this jungle, the hills and valleys are beautiful. Trekking can be seen on the hillside from Taksasang or Tiger Monastery or Tiger Nest on the hillside. It takes three hours to trekking. Seven kilometer ride. The beauty of the valley from this Gompha is really wonderful.

Let's go to Chelella Pass. Enjoy the tour of the mountain patch through the bay for a couple of hours. All the paths of different birds and birds have turned out well. Ideal for Bhutan travel for nature lovers. After reaching Bhutan from Jaigaon, they are surprised to see the cleanliness of the country.

Tourists are fascinated by the use of various hotels, restaurants, shops and automobiles. The movement of traffic in the direction of nature is consistent. Return to Kanchanakanya Express from Paro Airport or from Joyagam at Hashimara Station in the car Calcutta

Rent every hotel hotel starts from 1500. According to hotels and facilities, travel fluctuations according to travel time. Up to 3000-5000 (daily) as per vehicle carriage

Innerline permit: Permit for traveling to Bhutan. Get this permit free at the Bhutan Gate and Paro Airport at Futseljing. Keep in mind that 6 copies of photographs and illustrations of citizenship are illustrated by the Government Identity Card. Keep these permits always together. In Bhutan, the longest permit will be granted. Losing the permit could lead to jail-fines.

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