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Night care is very effective in skin health

Newsg reporter August 16, 2017, 15:26:26

  • Night care is very effective in skin health

Dhaka: Converting night care for our skin is very effective. Where is no opportunity to take care of yourself in a busy day! Those who work outside in the day, dust, etc are stored on their skin. After returning home in the evening or night, it is necessary to get rid of all the dirt and used makeup in the nighttime and make the skin well.

Acne can occur if the skin is not cleaned properly. The skin becomes dull, rough, uneven. So before sleeping, clean the face and sleep all night long with the skin is absolutely fresh. Due to excessive sweating in our summer country, the skin becomes oily and moist. In this case, it is very good to wash the face with gentle soap and water. However, for dry skin, a cleaner lotion or cream can be used instead. Wrap cotton should be used for cleaning.

Wash your face first . If you have sensitive skin, you can use herbal fowl.

1 tablespoon for oily and mixed skin 1 teaspoon of coconut 1 teaspoon lemon juice Mix them together and apply the face. Do not dry the whole, wash the face with a light rub if half dry.

As a moisturizer for dry skin, use only 2-3 drops of any baby oil in wet face. Moisturizers should not be used on oily skin.

Vitamin E maintains youth in the skin. If these vitamins are mixed in cream, the cream is good and useful for a long time. Good company's overnight cream is good for all ages. It is good to use foreign nourishing cream. There are also liposomes, which go deeper into the skin and provide the nourishment to the skin. Using such cream night is good for skin.

Those who have oily skin and acne, wash the pack and use aspirinant instead of moisturizer. You can take ice-cubes by putting them in the bottle.

In the same way, mint leaves and nimapata bayatee just sleeping on acne and stains. Wash in the morning. Foliage leaf can also be used. Very useful for acne.

It is also very important to use regular moisturizers. If the skin gets rid of the skin all day, and if it does not take place at night, then there will be a pillar on the skin. Every person who does the work of the house, after washing his hands, the skin becomes dry and the balirekha. So regular moisturizers need to be used.

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