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Nababi Biryani on Eid

Newsg reporter August 24, 2017, 14:18:38

  • Nababi Biryani on Eid

Ingredients: biryani spice - onion paste 3 tablespoons garlic paste 1 tablespoon ginger paste 1 tablespoon, cumin paste 1 tablespoon hot spice paste 1 tablespoon, pepper paste 1 tablespoon chilli powder 1 tablespoon, almond paste 1 tablespoon, 1/2 cup of shaah ghee and 1 cup of water. Meat: beef (small pieces cut), mustard oil, 3 tablespoons, butter 3 tablespoons onion 1 cup tomato purine 1 table spoon, yogurt and 3 tablespoons sweet yogurt two tablespoons, beresta paste Two tablespoons , Red and green chili 5-6, salt and sugar.

Biryani-rice: rice 3 cups, mustard oil 3 tablespoons, butter 3 tablespoons, water 6 cups, whole hot spices (cardamom two, cinnamon two, bay leaf, two, large cardamom 1), red and green chilies 10-12, Mawa half a cup, nuts chopped (pistachios, almonds chopped), raisins 1 tablespoon, beresta, 1 cup of potatoes (cubes cut salt rub ghee fried), condensed milk 1 cup, saffron 1 pinch caraway water 1 Table spoon, lemon 1, tomato 1, salt And sugar are delicious.

Preparation of the recipe: At first, meat must be kept in sweet-sour cream and salt. All the ingredients of spices should be scratched together. Now you have to give water, oil, ghee, crushed water, whole hot spices, chopped chillies, salt and sugar. When water comes out, you need to cover it with rice.

Sprinkle the meat with basta and cauliflower and cook it for a few minutes and cover it for 20 minutes. Mawa, raisins, nuts must be mixed in a bowl. Saffron milk and cashew must be mixed. Now add some of the rice and meat, potatoes, beresta, potato, chapatrice and milk-polao, with a few layers of this mixture will be kept under 30 minutes. Now you have to tender and serve them accordingly.

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