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Heterogeneous health hazards in bulking cattle

Newsg reporter August 26, 2017, 17:15:48

  • Heterogeneous health hazards in bulking cattle

Dhaka:  Bulking cattle is a regular and common method. In front of the Eid-ul-Azha, the farmers of our country took various plans of bulking cattle. Although there are health-accredited procedures for fattening.

In this process, the Livestock Department advised to feed two to four kilograms of urea, lili powder and straw a special type of processed food. After having a moisturable face in any container for 8 days, it is dried in the sun and fed to the cow. The cows became fattened very fast after feeding it for 6 months continuously.

But in many cases, the brooder uses several hormones with steroids immensely for the fast weight gain of cows. Too much weight means more meat; More meat means more profits. In order to be faster and make them more fat, the farmers use more hormones and excessive urea, including steroids.

Researchers say that eating fat animals in the use of hormones will cause people to have breast, colon, prostate and lung cancer.

Cow poisoning in excess uriya:

Cows are given extra urea to fasten bulking the cows. Cows feeding urea for a few months, the cows quickly resemble the monster shape.

As a result, the internal organs of the cow's body are damaged. The loss of kidney, liver, brain, makes cow's death inevitable.

Extra urea creates poisoning. As a result, the cows lose their energy to survive naturally. Many of these cows die in the Hat

Experts say this type of cow is toxic cow. Even people eating urea poisonous beef may also be affected by urea poisoning. As a result there is a risk of kidney failure.

Hormone injection history:

Since the history of cows fattening, the artificially created hormones have been applied in different countries of the world long ago.

In most cases, hormonal injections are given in the muscles, or under the ear skin. These hormones, which are buried under the ear skin, gradually enter the body at a certain level. Artificially made estrogen and testosterone injections were used more than once.

In the 1970s, it was forbidden that a substance of the hormone linked to the production of diethylstilbistol with the linking of vaginal pancreatic cancer. Meanwhile, the application of this hormone is questioned after the issue of having breast cancer related to estrogen.

Bovine Somatotropin (BST) or Recumbent Bovine Growth Hormone (RDGH) is created to find a more stable hormone in the storm of debate over the hormones used and its risks.

In 1993, the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of artificially made hormones to increase the physical growth of cow milk and cow, but many countries included in the European Union and Canada did not approve it.

Some studies have shown that the use of hormones is harmful for the cattle. The use of these hormones increases the different types of infections in the cow. As a result, cattle have to give different types of antibiotics. The leftovers of antibiotics are also available in beef meat.

Due to the consumption of such beef, the effects of leprosy and antibiotics make the human body resistant to antibiotics (resistant bacteria), which can cause serious condition.

The ultimate misuse of hormones. In our country, some unscrupulous weeds, by ignoring the scientific formula of fat fattening in our country, give 25 to 30 ounce high-level steroid injections to the body of the greedy temptation.

Cereals have a huge shape within 2-3 months of giving steroids like oradacons and deacons. There is water in the body of the cow. The swelling of the cow becomes huge size. Animals say that these types of cows are known to be seen.

Naturally, there are no cows, such as lusty and goose-like nature, these cows are just opposite, slow and calm nature. There is no lively feeling in body and behavior. There are restrictions on the use of these hormones in our country, including the provision of punishment.

Despite this, the ultimate abuse of hormones in the cow's field is not being prevented. So be careful. Be careful now.

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