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Bus travel alert and awareness

Newsg reporter August 30, 2017, 15:07:45

  • Bus travel alert and awareness

News has revealed 'gang rape, murder' in moving bus. The place is in Madhupur Jungle street. What happened? The bus's helper, driver and supervisor, together raped her and left her in Madhupur forest. After publishing such news, everyone is shocked. But the warning was necessary beforehand.

The road between Madhupur forest is 9 km. There is no house in between. Deep jungle on both sides. During the day, there is no reason to go on the streets. And there shouldn't be any mention of it at night. Tangail - Mymensingh is the main road to travel. This road does not have the necessary measures. Every few days robbery happens in this road. Those things have passed away. It is a disconnected incident and no one cares about it.

After some time the news comes from North Bengal or from the southern part of Dhaka where buses are being robbed in different places of Savar. There is no jungle in the capital, no obstacle, but at night, the robbery party goes on.

After the bus that runs on the bus towards Kushtia Alamdanga from the capital, at Hatikumrul-Bangram highway, the robbers attacked the bus some days later.

Dangerous robbery took place at around 2:00 am some months ago in Chumardi area of ​​Bhanga thana of Dhaka-Barisal highway. During this time, the robbers robbed precious gold jewelery, cash, mobile phones in 15 vehicles carrying the highway.

It is not just in the highway that these happens. The streets of the village, where people return home during the Eid, those rickshaws, auto rickshaws, Vanghari, Nasiman all stopped and robbed. Besides the fall of this robbery, there is also the proportion of ointment party. Many people died after losing their belongings in the clutches of the ointment party.

These unexpected events occur more frequently in Eid times. So the passengers themselves need to be careful. Before traveling, you must take the news of the road. The area that is passing by. And also the police station number. It is very important to keep the phone running on a journey without ending the phone's charge. Who is in the next seat, who is behind, and who is sitting at the front. Before moving on the bus, it is better to send some of the relatives to the bus by keeping the number of the bus and driver, helper or supervisor.

At the time of travel, there must be paracetamol and vomiting medicines along with other necessary medicines in a box containing an antiseptic solution (Dettel, Savalon or anything else), some yards, bandages and a thin cloth, painkillers, gastric medicines and saline. Those who have breathing difficulty, they must take inhaler.

Do not eat extra food before going out on the trip. Beware before eating while buying food from unknown places in the way of travel. Wear a little better shoes. Which is comfortable. And for women, do not wear high heels, wearing a low heels or wearing a flat sole sandal is better.

Write your name and mobile number on a paper or card in your bag. If lost for some reason and it falls on the hands of a right person, you will get it back. Do not keep all the money in the wallet and keep some money away.

If you are traveling, you must drink boiled water or mineral water. When traveling, it is better to avoid spicy foods.

During the Eid, the most important part of the bus journey, you need to be more careful about reaching your destination with security and safely.

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