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Pathao Motorbike Festival in Chittagong

Newsg reporter September 9, 2017, 13:25:07

  • Pathao Motorbike Festival in Chittagong

Motorbike Festivals are regular in many countries of the world. But in our country this is not so much seen. However, this initiative has been delayed. But jointly with wizard showbiz and BD motor cyclists, for the first time in the country, these two event management companies are going to organize 'Pathao Motorbike Festival, 2017'.

'Pathao Motorbike Festival, 2017' will be held in the port city of Chittagong. Arifuzzaman Russell of wizard showbiz on the program, said, "The three-day festival will be held at the GEC Convention Center in Chittagong, live music of motorbike exhibitions, motor rallies, stunt shows, DJs, fashion shows and popular live music of local and foreign brands.

Rasel further said that the participants from outside Chittagong will be given security to stay tent at the venue. Interested people from across the country also get the opportunity to show the stunt of the freestile stunts and any stunt club. After Chittagong, the other cities of Dhaka and other cities of the division said that the organizers will organize the same.

Red Carpets and Pitpie Communications as Event Partners for 'Pathao Motorbike Festival 2017'. And as an online news partner 'Newsg24'

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