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Easy ways to reduce headaches

Newsg reporter September 19, 2017, 16:54:09

  • Easy ways to reduce headaches

Dhaka: Headaches in our daily lives are a very common problem. Generally there is a headache in office work or other tension. When it increases the amount of headache it becomes difficult to bear it.

If many people have a headache then immediately take drugs. As a result, there are many types of toxins that can increase in the body.

So it is possible to solve it in some domestic ways without taking medicines only if you have headache.

Then know about some of the domestic ways of reducing headache.

Take a ginger when the head is gripped suddenly. It will reduce headaches, as well as blood circulation in the body. Lemon juice mixed with adrose juice can also be used. They work more quickly.
Cloves are useful for toothache. As well as some clove powder, if you grasp it through a napkin, then it easily decreases your headache.
Ice is very effective to reduce headaches. Take a clean cloth piece of ice and keep it in the water for 5 minutes. It can do it several times a day. However, those who have a cold problem do it regularly, if it is not good at all.
Having half a lemon juice with herbal tea reduces headaches easily. Not only that, cutting a lemon and lowering his head may easily reduce his head.
Eating well is just good for health. The head aches, despite the acute pain. It will work very soon.
To reduce headaches, keep in your food list: garlic, ginger, cherry, lavender, red pepper and sunflower seeds. Consuming these foods daily will reduce the chances of headaches.

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