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Public bus and our conduct

Newsg reporter September 21, 2017, 13:38:49

  • Public bus and our conduct

Dhanmondi to Mirpur to Dhanmondi. The distance of the street, Public bus buses are the only medium to travel this street every day. Sit on the bus and sit on the seat, if you do not get the seat then you have to stand. This is the normal everyday situation. Although the name of the service is Gate lock The gate is never closed and they create their own bus stops. During checking, passengers sitting in the bus seat were kept accountable. As for the passengers standing, the misery of that reckoning is only known to the people of the bus. Many people are affected by this problem. Apart from this, different types of unwanted behavior can be seen in passengers. This is not just the picture of only Dhanmondi and Mirpur, but the whole city. This discussion is coming from Dhanmondi to Mirpur, as relevant to my personal daily trips. We can see the image, piece by piece, and understand exactly what is the reason.

There are some passengers on the bus, those who initially call the helper to indulge in 'The Gate Lock'. The slurry continues until the gate is closed. The person started a voice, along with the voice of the man, another cried loudly. Then started the problem of fare. If the person who was sitting on the bus was offered a fixed price for a certain route, he would start to quarrel with the helper or conductor for only five taka. Some people also raised their hands. I talked with a helper. His answer is, 'I hear the abuse with my parents several times a day, I have to eat, what do I have to do here?' It is very normal. There is nothing to do with bus conductor and helper. It is only on the bus to tolerate this. But we get comfort from them, they show anger.

Morning bus. Wake up and came out in the name of the whole day. It is good to have a cool head in the morning. It is difficult to keep mood swings, horns, and how many words are in the control of mood. In this situation, a person sitting behind you speaks loudly on the phone. Who is going abroad, how will he stay, how much money must be given in a shop, the calculation of millions of crores starts on the phone. Someone is romancing with the lover, talking to the phone in the middle of so many people. This uncomfortable environment, it is not expected in any way.

A girl is sitting next to you. Sitting in front of you as much as you can. The girl with very tiredness may not say anything. But the awkward feeling of the temporary touch that you are awake, it is mere demonic, nothing else. In this way you become a beast.

Again a girl will come to the bus to see the crowd and crowding. When someone jerked in the jerk of the bus accidentally, she shouts and shouts, that the man who lost control becomes the joke, the person who came upon you is not guilty, but you have proved him a pervert in front of everyone.

A group of students gathered in front of different college universities. They cried out loudly. If someone looks or bothers them, then they threatens to punish him. The youth should be more modest. They have their own power. There is no need to show this power, at this time of the current path.

Boyfriend, Lovers, Couple, getting Busy together Sitting in one seat. Many people standing on their necks. But in spite of not being noticed, Babu is behaving differently with his lover, which does not look good at all. The proper place for the adrenaline does not live publicly in any way. Meanwhile, awareness is necessary.

There was a tradition of our country at one time. When I got on the bus, I saw the beautiful scenes too. No girl is standing without a seat on the bus, immediately after standing up from the seat someone lets her sit down. Seeing the elderly or the young child standing there, the vigilant sitting in the seat, standing up and pushing the elderly or the child to sit in the seat. This scene was very familiar. But now no one is sitting in the seat helps the tired girl standing in tight space during the hour of jam, no one comes up and lets them sit. This is not to be seen or seen, it is a big ugliness.

There is no need to learn how to live up to the public bus and how it will behave. You, I, are socialized. As well as avoiding external accidents, it is important to have good behavior in all kinds of situations inside the bus.

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