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How to know if the child in the womb is a boy or a girl?

Newsg reporter September 25, 2017, 15:17:13

  • How to know if the child in the womb is a boy or a girl?

Dhaka: Pregnant mother, family members, relatives, everyone's curiosity is not the end of pregnancy. This curiosity continues to grow after a few months of baby coming to the womb. Before this matter could not be understood much, but now it's an open  issue.

Many times the elders tried to tell the pregnant mother some signs if the child is son or daughter. Nowadays, different scientific methods have been discovered to know that the baby's gender. Among these, ultrasonography is a method. This method is very simple and has no harmful aspects. Almost every women or couples want to know about the gender in ultrasoundography test.

It is seen by ultrasoundography if the child is son or daughter. From 20-22 weeks of pregnancy, it can be said almost accurately.

Baby's gender can be known from pregnant woman's blood pressure! Yes, it is known that Indian-born Canadian researcher Ravi Ratnakar The doctor of Canada's Mount Sinai Hospital said that if the pregnant woman's blood pressure is low before delivery, generally she will give birth to a female. If the woman's blood pressure is high, then the male child is born.

Since 2009, the researchers have examined 3375 pregnant women for the last seven years in Luyang town of China. From this, 1 thousand 692 people are assessed for blood pressure, cholesterol, triglyceride and glucose. Of them, 739 boys and 627 were girls. Researchers reached the conclusion after a long observation.

Dr. Ravi Ratnakar, the doctor said, the fluctuations in blood pressure prior to the delivery of pregnant woman indicate a lot. We have tested for a long time and found that if pregnant women have less blood pressure before delivery, then they are giving birth to a baby girl. And whose blood pressure increases a lot, then she gives birth to a son.

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