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One of the attractions of Puja is Sindoor festival

Newsg reporter September 27, 2017, 16:46:45

  • One of the attractions of Puja is Sindoor festival

"Who is the Goddess of all-earth power,

Namaste Namaste Namaste Namo Namo"

Which means the Goddess of all power is in power, she is honored. Salute her Salute her, greet, salute Durga. Durga Puja is the biggest celebration for the Bengali religious people. The desire of the mother to start all over again by wiping out all the sorrow to walk their way. Nature also used to decorate differently.

With this new suit of nature, the sound of Dhak's Thak Dhoom Dhoom. From delicious food, the red sari, on the white side, revealed that Mother Durga had come to earth. This festival starts from Mahalaya. After this, the sixth, seventh, eighty, ninth, and at the end, the turn of the tenth to give a farewell to the goddess. The arrival of the goddess started mainly from Mahalaya.

Goddess Durga's vehicle is basically a lion. But Uma came from her father's house and went to the Kailas to go to her Husband's house on different vehicls at different times . At Ganjika, the mother's arrival will take place in the boat and the Goddess Durga will take on horseback. The arrival of these four days of mother is welcomed by many fans. However, the tide of farewell tunes started from the tenth century.

Mother wants her children to come back to this world again and again. On the tenth day, it is not advisable to say goodbye to mother, there are many arrangements for it, and the feeling of celebration of each other around the other day. Which is in the tenth month. The game of Sindoor is one of the attractions of this day. The Sindoor festival starts from the morning after the worship of the goddess till the last moment of departure.

Basically, it is called as the wish of Suhaag. It basically means the married women. They put each other in a red colored Sindoor. This sindoor, from one end of the head to the whole of the limbs, is covered by the whole body. This red color is captured as a power replica. Apart from married women, it also celebrated by unmarried girls.

In that case, the women put the tip of the sindoor on the forehead. And the colors of each other are expressed with joy. Unmarried women put sindoor by married women beacuse that they wish their long life and success for their future husband. And the married couples were blessed to give each other fortunes. On this day, all the women wear white sari with the red border.

Beat of drums and ulu is heard all around. They were red bracelets and feed each other sweet so that the mother will bring joy and prosperity. So it is called Vijaya Dashami. Mother take  farewell from her weeping children and goes towards Kailash. All that remains is the memories of mothers celebration and the hope of getting close to her in the comming year.

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