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New Beginning of Mother Health Services on Nijhum Island

Newsg reporter November 7, 2017, 16:58:54

  • New Beginning of Mother Health Services on Nijhum Island

USAID-funded Mother-Earth Health Systems Project is working relentlessly to ensure the health care of mothers in remote areas. If you have established a union health and family welfare center for the technical assistance of Save the Children, and the implementation of Resource Integration Center (Rick), the Nijhum Island Union Council of Hatiya Upazila, the Union Parishad and Family Planning Department, Save the Children. Where mothers have all the pregnancy services, they have the facility of normal delivery services for 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The International Voluntary Organization, Junior Chamber International (JCI), Dhaka Central, provides financial assistance to ensure safe transport to pregnant mothers' care centers. Local people had a spontaneous presence on the basis of voluntary work including cooperation with the local government as well as for the construction of connection roads and the beauty of the building.

Md. Mahbub Morshed, Upazila Chairman, Hatiya inaugurated the work. Along with other prominent people present in the function organized by MJ Mehraja Uddin, Chairman, Nijhum Island Union, 11th, Hatiya was presided over by AKM Zahirul Islam, Deputy Director, Family Planning, Noakhali, Md Salahuddin, Senior Manager, Save the Children, Deen Friend Datta, deputy general manager, Rick and Abu Taleb Siddique, 2017 local president, JCI Dhaka Central

Due to the creation of new horizons for pregnant women, local people expressed hope that the rate of mother and child death would be reduced in remote areas like Nijhum Island.

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