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Royal Enfield brings new motorcycle

Newsg Reporter February 25, 2018, 16:14:37

  • Royal Enfield brings new motorcycle

Dhaka: Royal Enfield has brought new bikes to the market. This new model is called Royal Enfield Thunder Bird. Bike can be found in two versions. These are Thunderbird 500X and 350X.

The new model will have bright color fuel tank. The bike is in red, yellow, blue and white color. Bike is the black color used in parts rather than Chrome known to Thunderbird. The new variant will have Alley Wheel. The bike is coming to the end of the month. Perhaps the bike will be available from February 28th.

Keeping in mind the new generation of consumers, this motorcycle has been created to alter Thunderbird's old model. The new version of Alley Wheel is in the two. Besides, Royal Enfield left the handlebar behind the bike to show Trendy look.

The old Thunderbird engine can be on the motorcycle. In that case, the Thunderbird 500 X will have 499 cc air cooled single cylinder engines. Which would match 27.2 horse power and 41.3 Nutrimeter torque.

Thunderbird 350 X can have 346 cc engine. It will match 21 horsepower and 20 neutrameter torque.


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