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Grand opening of Sakib’s Crème de la Crème

Sheikha manju April 1, 2018, 14:40:17

  • Grand opening of Sakib’s Crème de la Crème

A new coffee shop started with a Japanese concept in busy city Dhaka. The name 'Krem De La Chem' (Best of the Best). The coffee shop has set itself aside for the coffee lovers with a beautiful interior and light-colored ambience, just beside the Westin Hotel in Gulshan.
On 31 March, Saturday, officially 'Kram de la Kreim' (Best of the Best) began to walk through a press conference. PM's advisor Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, renowned musician Fahmida Nabi and fellow cricketer Shakib Al Hasan formally inaugurated the coffee shop with journalists, newspapers, TV, radio and online portal journalists at the press conference in the evening. Presented by Missy Food Industries chairman Kuneo Takahiko, mechanical manager Moinul Tahmid. Other executives of the organization were also present.
'Today's food is the health of the coming day' - In front of this theme, Kram De La Chem (Best of the Best) has started the journey. They want to give the coffee lavers of Oriental coffee to taste in Dhaka.
'Kreim de la Chem' (Best of the Best) is a coffee shop, where you can get coffee made directly from Japan imported from coffee. They have four types of coffee making methods (V-Six, French Press, Saipan, Porvor) and the most advanced Italian espresso coffee machine. Here you will find various types of warm and cool coffee including cappacino, espresso, americano, late, mokas. In addition to coffee, various types of tea (Arlgre, Jasmine T) and so on are Krem de la Kreme.
Under the supervision of the Japanese Food Consultant, Kram De La Chem (Best of the Best) has created a unique Safe Team. Here is the opportunity to taste 26 famous and famous Japanese manu. There are also Continental meals such as pasta, pizza, steak, burger, sandwich, salad and various types of canteen.
'Kreme de la Kreim' is open every morning from 7.30am to 12pm.
This new company of Missi Foods Industries Limited is a subsidiary of Mississippi Cosmetic and Toys Ltd.
This company wants to create a unique portfolio with overall healthcare, effective skin care and advanced products, which will help the customer to improve the quality of life of the customers. Missy is skilled in marketing and promotion of all types of cosmetics and toiletries products, especially Japanese and South Korean products. Missi Foods Industry believes that beauty is not only based on cosmetic products but also on healthful eating habits. So, in front of the Japanese Standard, Mimi Foods Industries Ltd. is working with the goal of serving world-class coffee and healthy, nutritious food. This is a unique effort of the coffee shop 'Kreme de la Kreim'.
Then there are plans to open 15 more 'Kempe de la Chem' (Best of the Best) coffee shops in different places of Dhaka.
If you want to taste the original coffee, you can now visit the 'Krem De La Creme' Coffee Shop. You can listen to live music as well as coffee and beside your coffee boutique designers' outfits.
For details contact: Mainul Tahmid, Managing Director, Mimi Foods Industries Ltd. Mobile No. 01976995576
Address: 'Krem De La Chem' - Plot No 33, Road No 46, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212.

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