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Boimela 2018

Bengali Academy ready to welcome the Prime Minister

Newsg Reporter 1 February , 2018, 13:33:24

  • Bengali Academy ready to welcome the Prime Minister

In the year again Amar Ekushey Bookstella came back again. Books are organized in Bangla Academy organized by the Bangla Academy every month to provide food to the people of Khulna. Meanwhile, the Bengali Academy has completed the overall preparation of the fair. After a few hours, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the immersive Ekushey book fair of the month at Bangla Academy premises.

At the same time, he will be given the Bangla Academy Award in the hands of twelve literates who have contributed in various fields of literature. Fairly prepared to welcome the Prime Minister, fair organizers are ready. Ready-to-decorated Melanchar On the other hand, waiting queues are waiting for row rows to be stalled. Beginning with the inauguration ceremony of the Prime Minister, 'Amara Ekushey Gothamella 2018' will be started.

Large security measures have been taken around the arrival of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Bangla Academy. From the morning, law enforcement law enforcers are patrolling all over the area and in the harsh surveillance there are surroundings of the premises of the fair.

A total of 662 stalls have been allocated from the Bangla Academy for participation in this year's Ekushey Book Fair. The stall unit has increased 133 more than the last fair. This year's fair has given stall to 24 new publishing houses. The number of pavilions has increased 12. Pavilion was 11 in 2017. The pavilion has been allocated 23 times.

The daily time of 'Amar Ekushey Book Fair 2018' has been extended. This will start from 3pm every afternoon and will continue until 9pm. Which was earlier from 3 pm to 8pm. Children will stay like the holidays as always. Starting from 11am and at 1pm, a child watch has been announced. Apart from this, the fair will be held in Ekushey February 8 at 8am, till 8pm. Beginning today, this book fair will start till 28 February.

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