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PSG's big win with Neymar-Cavani pair

Newsg reporter September 28, 2017, 17:52:48

  • PSG\'s big win with Neymar-Cavani pair

Dhaka: Neymar-Cavani, how many chances did they create? The team of the Champions League's  group 'B' blown away the mighty Bayern Munich 3-0 goals on Wednesday night. Both Neymar and Cavani were seen embracing following the third strike to put the penalty-taking dispute to bed.

PSG clashed against Bayern on their home ground. In the second minute of the match, Dani Alves gave the team th lead. However, Neymar was a major contributor to this goal. Barcelona's former player Alves finished his intelligent pass.

Bayern, desperate their best efforts, In the 19th minute, they missed out on a great opportunity to get back to parity. However, in this case, big credit should be given to PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola.

In the 32nd minute, Cavani doubled the distance between the teams as the Urugyan striker scored his 10th goal in as many matches.

Neymar made sure of a big win in the 63rd minute. The Brazilian star did not miss the chance after brilliant play from Mbappe and more poor defending from Bayern Munich. Neymar scored his 6th goals for the PSG.

On Wednesday, PSG stood at the top of the 'B' group with 6 points in two successive wins. Bayern Munich is in second place with 3 points.

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