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Tamim replied to criticism

Newsg reporter October 9, 2017, 18:14:00

  • Tamim replied to criticism

When Bangladesh team is struggling in the Test series against the hosts in South Africa, Shakib Al Hasan is in Bangladesh for rest from the Test.

Rest in Test cricket from the discomfort of the world-famous all-rounder in the drawn. And because of this many people have become drunk in his criticism.

Former South African captain and current commentator Shaun Pollock also joined such a strange and irrational criticism.
According to Pollock, Shakib should have been with Shakib in the team in this series, as Shakib could take rest after this series.

Mr. Tamim Iqbal, the friend of his friend, gave an answer to criticism. Recently, he gave a counter-reply to Pollock's remarks about the country's leading daily Prothom Alo.

Talking to the representative of the daily at the Monggong Oval, Tamim said, "None understands the condition of the body of a player.

Shawn Pollock or big people who do not say what they say and do not come to me anything. If Shakib will take rest or not it is up to him. It's his body knows better,.
At the time, he also mention English paceman James Anderson. Tamim said, "Why James Anderson just playing in England? Why not come to Asia! Why not come to Bangladesh! I have never seen anyone ask this question!

Tamim expressed his anger over taklking about the rest of Shakib and said, "Shakib rested for a series due to the fact that the problem of the world became more seviour.

Then it could be said that to that Andersons ball will not swing in out pitch so he never come, though  he is one of the best bowlers of this period.

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