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Nannu hopes to change under Mashrafe's leadership

Newsg reporter October 11, 2017, 17:47:24

  • Nannu hopes to change under Mashrafe's leadership

After the Test series against South Africa, the Bangladesh team's focus is now on the one-day series. Starting from the team captaincy - there will be many changes in the one-day series from the Test series.

Mashrafe Bin Mortaza will lead the Bangladesh team in the ODI series, who is the best captains of the country in many cases.

Bangladesh team manager Minhajul Abedin Nannu chief selector is in the hopes of turning the team towards Mashrafe's leadership.

Talking to journalists during the team practice, Nannu said, "I do not even think about the Test series. Forget the Test series, the team's thinking is now only one-day internationals.
Our preparations have started Our ODI captain has come. Four new players joined the team. I believe we will certainly do well in the one-day series led by Mashrafe. "

The Test series was visible among the batsmen of the visiting Bangladesh team. He had to suffer the loss of Deodarsa wickets lost. Nannu thinks that the mentality of playing all the balls of batsmen is the reason for this failure.

He said, 'I thought they wanted to play each ball. You have to learn to bowl the ball in the test. Batsman's height is not high.

When they played the short ball with a strong hand, it jumped. I expected better technique from them. '

Nannu feels that there was a shortage of mind-set of players in Bangladesh, which is one of the reasons for the failure- "I would say that this has happened due to lack of attention. Eyes do not leave the ball when the connection does not move.
It is necessary to keep an eye on the time of the play while leaving. They did not have eyes. It could be another reason, they will not play the ball they have already set.

At one time, the Bangladesh team was a new player in the world, and as a player, Nannu has been able to cross that time. They said, how they were preparing.

Nannu said, "We had to leave the tennis ball for Indore long time. The balls came very quickly. Some of the body would have been able to leave something.

It was possible to play Walsh-Ambrose after their own preparation. I do not know what kind of preparation Bangladesh has come up with.

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